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Cothi Waters

We have three beats located on the river Cothi: Cresselly, Cwmcothi, and Dyffryn Uchaf.

The Cresselly beat starts above the Cresselly Arms, is about 3/4 mile in length and ends one field below the EA monitoring sation. Find the right conditions and this, and all Cothi waters, can fish extremely well for sewin.  Some stretches are suitable for fly but light worming is found to be often productive.

The map for the Cresselly beat can be found HERE.

  Cwmcothi Waters (caravan stretch) is a half mile beat situated one mile upstream on the left bank up from Yniswen bridge.

The map for the Cwmcothi waters can be found HERE.

Dyffryn Uchaf waters are the best of the associations Cothi beats extending from 100m above Pont Yniswen bridge up to above Dyffryn Uchaf farm. Many sewin are caught on this beat.

The map for the Dyffryn Uchaf waters can be found HERE.

Cresselly 1.JPG
Cresselly 2.JPG
Cresselly 3.JPG
Cwmcothi 1.JPG
Cwmcothi 2.JPG
Dyffryn 1.JPG
Dyffryn 2.JPG
Dyffryn 3.JPG
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