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ANNUAL Membership is available, for which there is a strict waiting list.

  • ADULTS: £80 plus £30 joining fee.

  • SENIOR CITIZENS: £40 (Note Senior Citizens should have paid 5 years full membership)

  • STUDENTS: £40 plus £30 joining fee.

  • LADIES: £50 plus £30 joining fee.

  • JUNIORS: Membership UNDER 18 YEARS £5. There is no waiting list for Juniors.

Also for lapsed members re-joining the fee is £30 .

Occasionally committee will allow long term membership at 5 YEAR MALE £375 plus joining fee £30 and 5 YEAR FEMALE £225 plus joining fee £30. Long term membership is also strictly off the waiting list.
Contact Gavin Davies to be put on the waiting list (see Contacts).

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