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Club Rules

Cross Hands and District Angling Association Club Rules

1. Any member reported to have been fishing on Private or other Association Waters adjacent to the Cross Hands Association Waters may have his/her permit revoked by decision of the Committee.
2. On request by another Member, any Member fishing a pool is expected to vacate this position after 30 minutes.
3. All Members must produce their permits if requested to do so by any other Member or Association Bailiff.
4 .Each Member of the Association must carry his/her identification card and river board licence (which is compulsory) at all times. These must be produced on request.
5. All gates must be closed after use.
6. No Member shall be allowed to take a dog with him/her whilst fishing the Association Waters.
7. Any Member who attempts to take a tenancy of any of the Association Fisheries shall be expelled.
8. Any Member behaving in a manner which may be detrimental to the Associations interests shall be brought before the Committee, who will reserve the right to take appropriatedisciplinary action.
9. There shall be no restriction on membership of the Association, other than that determined by the Committee in relation to availability of Association Water.
10. Members should not deposit litter on the river bank, in the river or anywhere else. It should be taken home and deposited in a dustbin.
11. When accessing club waters, members should keep to paths or hedgerows and not cut across the fields, especially hay fields.
12. Members are reminded that bag limits are as follows: As of 2020 all Salmon are to be returned. Sewin (Sea Trout) over 60cm as outlined in the NRW byelaws must be returned.
13. Members should not make any fires on the river bank or on land owner’s property.
14. It is forbidden for members to sell fish and any member caught doing so, will be dismissed from the club.
15. Children under 16 should be accompanied at all times when on the river bank.
16. Annual subscriptions must be paid before 1st March and will not be accepted after this date.
17. All catch returns must be returned before 1st of December of that year. Failure to do so could result in suspension of membership.
18. All members MUST adhere to current NRW byelaws, rules and regulations.

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